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Why do I write a blog?

Last week, I decided to start with blogging. Besides creating Github gists to document code and more complex command line snippets, I plan to share some personal findings in the context of DFIR, security engineering, threat intelligence, and the like, which I find helpful.

Since I recently stumbled over a blogging solution for Emacs' org-mode 1, that enables me to write blog posts using my favorite editor and publish them through a Gitlab CI pipeline in a very streamlined fashion 2, I anticipate publishing some content without much overhead.

What to expect?

Since everyone is busy, I will try to keep posts short and relevant. I plan to provide information on topics that were personally helpful for my work and which I want to document publicly. The following areas are of interest to me, therefore you can expect posts on the following rather broad topics.

  • Digital forensics and incident response,
  • Cyber investigations,
  • Security engineering,
  • Threat intelligence,
  • Reverse engineering malware,
  • Debian packaging and Linux in general, and eventually
  • Emacs and its org-mode


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